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I met fellow co-founder and Designer of Simply Impressions, and she began to take over the daunting task of converting me into a “modern décor” type of person.  I quickly realized that your home should reflect your style of dress, what types of restaurants you like to go to, not what you were used to seeing in your “Aunties and Uncles” homes as a child.  I must say, I was a quick learner, and my house quickly turned from a confused, mismatched jumble to one worthy of any cover of a décor magazine. Well, at least the two rooms that I did decorate!!

In the meantime, I had been on the lookout for modern Islamic Art to finish off the job, but found that custom ordering a painting was very, very, expensive.

Islamic decals seemed to be the answer, but lo and behold they were nowhere to be found!  We quickly set into action, and came up with a line of Islamic decals that we would want to see in our own homes.

We also realized that decals are also a perfect fit for Masajid and schools that would like to update their décor without hiring a world renowned Calligrapher to paint their walls.

I’ve found that decals are relatively inexpensive and can be removed at any time. They are fairly easy to apply and are durable. They are not at all tacky-looking, especially with the matte colors that we have chosen.

We are always looking for feedback to see what you would like to see us add to our portfolio. Hopefully, we’ll help in making modern Islamic Art more accessible for all of us!!

Hope you enjoy our products!!

Message from the Co-Founder,

Simply Impressions

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