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Decals are ideal for those of us who don't want to ruin the paint on our walls, because they are so easily removable.

WE have some design tips for all of you who would like more ideas of how to decorate your space.

1.  Use decals on a canvas.

You can paint any canvas picked up at your local art store a solid color, or if you are more adventurous with a abstract pattern.  Let the paint dry for a couple of days, then place your decal on the canvas. have an instant piece of affordable artwork that you can take with you anywhere.  Or you may want to gift it to your friends!!

2.  Contrast Light colored decal with a dark wall.

 We absolutely LOVE white or maize colored decals on a deep, vivid wall color.  The decal literally pops out at you.

3.  Dark Gray is the new Black.

Intimidated by black?  Not to worry, dark gray gives the appearance of black, but in a much more soft, subtle tone.

4. Need an Eid gift Idea? 

Place decals on a mirror or glass vase.  Our decals look oh so elegant on glass!

5.  The power of the 3s.  Want an even more contemporary look?  Place 3 designs in a row for a sleek design.

6.  Have any specific design questions?  Our designer Fawzia would love to help, email us at  Dont forget to attach a photo of your room to the email so that we can help you choose the best design for your space.



I am an apartment dweller and I had the Flower and Remembrance Quote on the hall wall where I could see it several times a day and it was so comforting I am now hooked for life. I’m trying to decide which decals to get for the new apartment. Shukran! May Allah Always Favor your endeavors.

Oct 08, 2013

محمد الشريف:

التصميمات رائعة بل اكثر من زالك فهى بسيطة فى افكارها قوية فى ادائها وتخلق جوا من البساطة الكلاسيكية والغنى الفنى الزى يبحث عنة الكثير والكثير من مصممى الديكور

Sep 21, 2012


AlsalamuAlaykum, I was wondering if you would be able to make stencils. I enjoy paper crafting, and have been making cards for years, but have not been able to make Islamic cards. Smaller stencils can be used on cards for Ramadan, Eid, and Hajj. Larger ones can be used on canvases that can be personalized with additional artwork from the person making it. Is there a way this can be done?

Nov 03, 2011

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