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Eid ul Adha can sometimes be a challenge to prepare for, as we have just gotten back into our routine after Ramadan has ended. Moms have the added burden of making Eid as attractive as other holidays throughout the year. Don't let this Eid be less than spectacular by preparing for it ahead of time. Here is a quick list to help you make this Eid a memorable one.  We would love to hear your tips on


To Do list:


1. Have a printout of the Takbiraat available and ready for the morning of.

2. Don't forget to cancel any appointments or lessons on the day of Eid as to avoid any confusion.

3. Make your trip to the halal market now, to avoid the flurry of tasks as Eid gets closer.

4. Don't forget to shop ahead of time for new clothes for Eid, there are a lot of online resources now if you prefer to wear ethnic clothes, but shipping can be a problem if you don't plan ahead of time.

5.  Eid decorations are festive during Ramadan, but we rarely have time to decorate for the second Eid!  Take your Eid decorations out now and put some thought into how you can change things up a bit.  Don't forget to keep an eye out for ethnic holiday decor this season, and when they go on sale....grab them for next year!  Our decals can be placed on glass jars and mirrors, and can be taken out for the holidays.

6. Add to your list people you usually forget such as teachers and neighours because we almost always seem to forget them until its too late, and end up buying something impersonal (hint: our Variety Packs make a wonderful gift)

7. Get your kids input on how they would like to spend Eid, the second and third days of Eid are a great way to do little things your kids will enjoy!

8. The night before Eid can be exciting for girls getting together to put on Henna....make it a fun night out.   But don't forget to arrange something for the boys!

9. Take out your story books, or printouts on Eid ahead of time, so when Eid gets closer, you can whip them out easily and discuss the importance of Eid ul Adha with your kids!




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