At Simply Impressions, we pride ourselves in having fresh and modern talents. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our artists.

Fawzia Ghafoor-Khawaja

British designer and architect Fawzia Ghafoor-Khawaja brings a sense of modern and eclectic. Working as an architect in England, Fawzia fine tuned her skills on exterior and interior spaces that bring form and function together with modern design. She now explores modern art and calligraphy using traditional tools and contemporary application methods. Her aim is to bring new and unique art pieces with a creative and whimsical twist.

Peter Gould

Australian designer Peter Gould explores contemporary graphic design, digital art, photography and the rich visual & spiritual traditions of Islam. Peter embraced Islam in 2002 while studying Design at the University of Technology, Sydney. After graduating with honours he founded a design studio commissioned by clients such as Sony, Colgate, Vodafone & McAfee. He began travelling to the Muslim world, being inspired by cities like Fes, Damascus & Mecca, resulting in a unique cultural fusion of styles and reactive to a world of misunderstanding.