Sometimes it's hard to figure out how to place artwork on your walls, choosing a color is challenging, how about the size and what style do you pick, traditional or modern? Then there's different forms of art, should I place a canvas, wooden cutout, picture frames or a decal? And what if you have conflicting design styles within your household members? If this sound all too familiar, we're here to help.

Send Us Images Of Your Problem Area 


All you need to do is email us or text message us at 702-703-4110 with a snapshot of the problem area, along with some basic measurement to help us understand the scale. If you have a favorite item such as a rug, art piece or furniture, send a picture of that too, as this will help with color coordination and understanding your style.

  Here's How We Can Help You 

    • We'll help you choose paint colors and wall treatments..
    • We'll help you find your design style.
    • We'll help curate a collection of art pieces that coordinate with your home decor, color, style, and size.
    • We'll help with custom designed artwork. These can be hand painted, wood cutouts, decals, prints, frames etc.
    • We'll help with product placement, styling, and scaling.
    • And finally, since a picture says a thousand words, we'll send you a styled and staged image of your space with the proposed art selection.

 Free Phone Consultation 

Once we receive your initial images, we'll arrange a 25 minute phone call, and go over your pain points to come up with a design solution, scope of work and the fee for the service. Now here's the great news:

The Design Fee Is FREE

We'll waiver the design fee should you purchase any of our recommended products! Yes that's correct, you read it, we'll waiver the design fee if the suggested art pieces are equal to or greater than the cost of the design fee.

Now Lets See Some Styled Spaces

Style 1- Bold And Beautiful

  1. Large decal in a geometric pattern cutout in gold vinyl
  2. Collection of three black picture frames with traditional Quranic Verses layered in black and gold vinyl
  3. Large vinyl decal in black reads Taqwa- Conscious of Allah

We are celebrating the tall height with a large geometric decal in gold vinyl going vertically up the wall. We have grouped three black picture frames with gold traditional Quranic verses. As you travel up the stairs you are guided with beautiful art. You will notice that we have staggered the art to follow the steps. We finished with a large black decal reading Taqwa, conscious of Allah. This helps to break the straight rectangle forms in the frames, tops the design and ties it all together.

Style 2- Gallery Wall

  1. 99 Names of Allah In square kufi text made in brown vinyl
  2. Gold picture frames with vinyl art, reads Subhanallah Alhumdulliah Allah Akbar
  3. Personalized initials wooden cutout with Allah centered
  4. Wooden cutout reads MashAllah
  5. Vinyl decal in brown, reads subhanAllah Walhamdulillah Wala ilaha IllAllah wallahu Akbar in square Kufic Style text
  6. Surah Al Fatiha in brown vinyl
  7. AsSalaam Alaikum wreath wooden cutout
  8. Hand painted custom art, acrylic on canvas Reads HasbunAllah Wanimal Wakil

Here we have created a gallery wall, with a mix of wooden elements, vinyl decals, picture frames and hand painted custom art. First, we grounded the wall with a large hand painted canvas that reads HasbunAllah Wanimal Wakil. This sets the tone with color and style. The next step was to place another large design that would compliment the modern lines of the painting. We chose Surah Al Fatiha in brown vinyl. To break up the hard lines, we added some softer/ natural elements such as the wreath, the personalized initials, and MashAllah plaque, all finished in similar stains for continuity. The last elements added are the smaller square kufic decals, in a combination of picture frames and direct application to the walls.

The trick when creating a gallery wall is to use varying scaled item, in similar colors/ tones. The final gallery wall will read as one design, yet allowing your eyes to wander freely from one art piece to the next. 

Now let's help you! Send us an e-mail to or text us at 702-703-4110 with your images and measurements of your walls and go ahead and book your FREE phone consultation.

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