Summer holidays have arrived and with Ramadan fast approaching, here is a great project to do with your children. It's an inexpensive project that requires simple materials that are non toxic for you and the little ones and will give you hours of creativity and fun.

What you will need, rolling pin, cookie cutters, Play-Doh, drinking straw, ribbon, baking tray lined with foil.

 On a clean flat surface roll out the Pay-Doh to your desired thickness.


Place the cookie cutter on the Pay-Doh and press down to cut the shape.

Remove the excess Play-Doh.

Now remove the cookie cutter.

Use a drinking straw to make a hole - this will be for stringing the ribbon through later.


Now start decorating your shape, and have fun!


Place your decorations on a foiled lined baking tray and pop it into the oven at  200 F/ 93 C.

After a few hours and depending on the thickness of the decoration the Play-Doh will start to harden.

If you prefer you can also air dry your decorations.



Use some decorative ribbon to string and hang your decoration.

Voila, you have created your very own masterpiece!



Love it!!

Jun 07, 2014


Beautiful and festive, mashaAllah!

Jun 07, 2014

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