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Here is a simple and easy way to make Eid and Ramadan pennant banners, using Simply Impressions decals.

What you will need,  craft paper or card stock in your desired color (we used a standard sheet sized 11"x 8.5"), ribbon, whole punch, scissors or paper cutter, ruler, glue stick, a pen, application squeegee and pennant banner.



 Use a ruler and divide and cut one sheet of card stock into the 6 equal parts, 

measuring 3.6" x4.25" (this is your small card).

Divide and cut in a different color of card stock into 4 equal parts, 

measuring 4.25"x 5.5" (this is you large accent card).


Take one letter of the decal and rub the front (transfer paper) with the application squeegee.

Then rub the backing paper (checkered side).


 Peel away the backing paper (checkered side) and discard.

You should be left with the sticky side (the transfer paper and the vinyl).


Take the sticky side of the decal and place onto the small card, rub with the application squeegee.


Peel the transfer paper away. The vinyl will be firmly stuck to the card.

Repeat this for the remaining letters.


Flip over the small card which has the decal, and apply some glue.

Now flip back and place in the center of the large card. firmly pressing down.


On the top corners of the large card make two holes with the hole punch.

This will be for stringing the ribbon through. Repeat for the remaining letters.

String the ribbon through the holes and hang.

A beautiful festive centerpiece. Enjoy!


Choose contrasting colors when placing the vinyl on the card. We used silver metallic vinyl against solid dark grey/brown cardstock, this helped with the legibility of the text .Two alternating shades of blue were used as the accent colors and everything was tied together with a blue and brown ribbon. The above sizes are just a guide, you can change the sizes and shapes of the cards to what best fits your décor and style.

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It is such a good idea.

Jun 10, 2014

Asma B:

it seems like something I can try with my kiddo! :)

Jun 09, 2014

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