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When Maghrib prayer rolls round and it's time to break fast, reward your childs efforts with daily treats / gifts using our Ramadan Countdown Treat Boxes. Fill each box with your child's favorite gift or treats such as home made cookies, chocolates, stickers, daily duas and all sorts of fun accessories.

Here is how to make you your Ramadan treat boxes.

What you will need- Ramadan Countdown Treat Boxes, enough treats / gifts to fill 30 boxes,  application squeegee , ribbon, scissors and clear bags to contain your gifts if needed.

Cut your number decal into individual items.


Rub over the front of the decal with the application squeegee.

Rub over the back of the decal with the application squeegee then remove the backing paper (the checkered paper)

 you will be left with the sticky side of the vinyl and application tape.

Position the decal on the treat box and peel away the transfer paper. The decal will be firmly stuck to the box.

Now assemble your box.

If you prefer you can place your treats in a decorative treat bag of your liking,

or simply place the treat straight into the box. 

Secure the open side with Ribbon.

Place your treats inside the box, close the top and voila you have made your treat box.

Repeat for the remaining 29 decals.

Have fun displaying the boxes. Here we arranged the boxes in a single row beneath our Ramadan Pennant Banner

You can also display your treat boxes in a large circle around your Eid Gifts. 


Or display your treat boxes on a cork pin board.

Here we stapled fabric on the back of a cork board, then pined the treat boxes to the front of the cork pin board. 

If you plan to make many treat boxes we recommend to choose a variety of colors and styles so you can mix it up. You can get your children to make treat boxes for each other, for their cousins or their friends. Add personal touches inside each box with a special messages and Dua or make personalized cookies or Eid/ Ramadan decorations (see our blog on Ramadan Decoration).

Have fun and get creative!



Thank you for the idea, absolutely love this.

Jun 17, 2014


Love all your ideas, I will be making these with my children this Ramadan. :)

Jun 16, 2014


Great idea. So simple looking forward to doing this with my son who will fast for the first time this Ramadan inshaAllah.

Jun 16, 2014

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