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You don't need to be an artist to create your very own work of art. Simply follow these steps and you can create  a personalized masterpiece. These make wonderful gifts for family and friends, for any occasion, such as Eid / Ramadan, graduation, wedding, anniversary's and birthdays. 

What you need:

Blank canvas, acrylic paint and paint brushes, these can be bought from your local art store. Disposable paper plate to use as your pallet for mixing colors, container for water used for watering down paint, and cleaning your brushes in between colors, Simply Impressions decals, and application squeegee (or a credit card).


Prep your canvas with a base color, we used green. Once the base is dry get creative, use different brushes and spatulas to create different effects. Have fun! Depending if you have watered down your paint or if you have layered it quite heavy, the drying time for acrylics will vary. Typically it will take a day for acrylic paint to dry but give yourself a least a few days before you install your decal.


Once the paint is dry you are ready to install your decal.

Rub the front and back of the decal with the application squeegee.

Peel away the backing paper, this is the checker paper, and discard. 

You will be left with the sticky side of the transfer paper and vinyl art.


Now carefully place the decal on the canvas. You should be able to reposition the decal if needed, if so try not to press down on the decal until you  are happy with the postion.

Once the decal is in the desired position gently press down and rub in a circular motion with your fingers.

Carefully peel back the transfer tape. TAKE YOUR TIME. Should the vinyl stay stuck to the transfer tape simply roll back onto the canvas, rub in a circular motion and then peel away. If needed tease the vinyl in place with the application squeegee.

Voila! You have created your very own masterpiece.

Display and enjoy your art!


For a bold statement, consider using a large canvas. For painting, we recommend using acrylic paint as it dries fast and is water based. Avoid oil based paints as your decal may not stick. Your painted canvas will take a day to dry and for best results let it sit for a week before you install your decal. Acrylic paints do vary across the board. Results on installing and drying time will vary. Depending on your design style you can choose to use contrasting colors or colors in the same family as shown above. If you plan to make a busy back ground use a bold strong decal. If your painted canvas consists of similar tones then use a more detailed decal. After you have installed the vinyl onto your canvas, use a coat of varnish for that added durability; make sure your varnish is compatible with vinyl.

Share your creation with family and friends and gift them your very own masterpiece with a little help from Simply Impressions decals.

To find the ideal decal for your art project, explore the various designs we carry.

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Have fun and get creative! 

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