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Here is and easy project to do in under under 20 minutes that is simply effective, and inexpensive.  


All you will need for this art project is a picture frame. We used an Ikea RIBBA frame.

You will also need masking or painters tape,squeegee or a credit card for application, and your favorite craft paper. 


Flip over the frame to remove the backing and matting. 

Take out the glass out of the frame and clean the surface from dust and marks.

Cut the decal down to fit the glass and rub over the surface of the decal to take out any air bubbles. 

Now create a hinge by applying masking to the front side of the decal.

Fold the other half of the masking tape to stick to the glass underneath.

Flip the decal over along the the hinge and peel off the backing paper (this is the checkered paper)


Once the backing is removed you will be left with the sticky side of the vinyl and application tape.

Holding the far edge of the decal and application tape, fold over toward the glass and press down with the application squeegee.

Rub over the decal.

Remove the hinge.

Slowly peel off the application tape.

If you need to assemble the picture frame. You have the option to leave out the matting if your prefer.

Place the glass in the frame.

Place your favorite craft paper on top of the glass.

Put the backing of the frame on and flip over the frame.


Voila, you have created some simple and beautiful art.

Switch out the craft paper for a different look and feel.




Hanna Rohmat:

Simply Ramadan

Jun 26, 2016

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