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Okay, we admit, perhaps cryptic is a bit of a stretch of the imagination. A better description may be modern Islamic QR art. That's right, art that plays on an emblem that we can spot all around us. In the grocery store, on product labels, on TV, and billboards. Everywhere. When we were thinking about a new decal piece to create that is modern, fun was a key operative word for us.

Looking at our existing catalog of original art pieces, we noticed an omission. We were missing some fun pieces that would fit in with a technology oriented society. All around us, more and more, we surround ourselves by objects that help us, distract us, and entertain us. All these objects coupled with furniture to cradle us as we go about using these items take away from some of the warmth in a space.

We can offset the chaos of a space to give it a more spiritual feel by incorporating Islamic Art. Traditionally, Islamic Art enlists the use of Calligraphy. It is beautiful to look at, timeless in its presence, and makes a space feel special. After all, Islamic Calligraphy uses phrases from the Qur'an, the divine revelation that inspires and guides. The history of Islamic Calligraphy can be found to go as far back as the 13th Century A.D. While almost all of the early versions of the Qur'an were written in the Kufic form, different styles evolved over time to enhance the way a brush stroke spells out each letter from the scripture.

While the Qur'an is unchanged and will remain so, expression of human emotion through art is ever changing and evolving. We are no different at Simply Impressions. We wanted to incorporate the way our world is changing and introduce art that is relevant and goes beyond what the naked eye can see. We wanted to create a piece that was tasteful and a conversation starter. We wanted a decal that let's you use that object with a camera lens attached to it which you never fail to utilize daily. Give you a reason to find that app you only open once in a while to quickly scan the QR art to instantly reveal the message that it's owner wants you see and satisfy that curiosity. Instant gratification.

Art, in general, asks the viewer a simple question, "What do you feel?" It causes passers by to pause, admire the lines, the curves, the use of language, and analyze the emotion evoked after looking at the final product. In its many forms, art is meant to drive the viewer to enjoy a moment away from their thoughts and consider the item in front of them. Our QR art is meant to showcase a modern object and yet reveal to the viewer a name or a phrase that is timeless and divine.

While traditional Islamic Calligraphy is immediately recognizable, the mystery of this QR art begs to be scanned. It asks the viewer to engage with the art and not just remain a passive participant. When placed in a room, it reminds us that art is not just enjoyable and pleasing to the eye, it can be obscure and relevant.

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