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Over that last year, with the whole family at home (due to quarantine), we've been blessed to pray in congregation at our home. Alhamdulillah! We huddle between furniture, in our main bedroom, finding the best possible position. Like most families, we don't have a dedicated prayer room, so we make do. If this sounds all too familiar, here's some inspirational ideas to make your prayer space more spiritual and less like an after thought.

Creating Your Prayer Sanctuary 

It's simple to create a prayer sanctuary. Most of the items can be found around your home. I'd recommend using different textures and materials to bring interest and delight to your space. Here's my simple prayer corner. It's by the window overlooking the garden.  

A woven basket brings softness to your space creating an easy way to store the over flow of extra prayer mats and hijabs. I picked this up from Target for less then $20. Simply roll your prayer mats and hijabs and pop it in for a neat and tidy look.  

Consider evoking your senses with your favorite scented candle. I used the geometric cube for added drama to house the candle. Don't forget some nature with a potted plant. You can't go wrong with this Snake Plant. It's low maintenance and easy to care for.  

Grab your Quran and your favorite Dua books. Stacking your books gives variation of height. Don't forget about your prayer beads too. Since I tend to have an over flow of may beads, a beautiful container holds them well.  

And lastly, the all needed reminder for Salah, a Qibla Arrow. You can place this on tiled or hardwood floor, your walls or your ceiling. In my case, since I have carpet, it made sense to place the arrow by the collection.

Voila, and here's the overall vignette! Everything's within easy reach. Light a candle, grab your Quran and connect to Allah in the peace of your home. 

Do you have a prayer space, or have a dedicated prayer room? If so I'd love hear how you created your sanctuary. Please leave a comment below!


Fawzia xox

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