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I'm excited to share what's been happening. I recently submitted an art piece at my local art gallery. It’s part of a collection called Modern Masterpieces. This is the first time I've submitted work outside the Muslim community with an Islamic theme. So naturally, I was thrilled that it was chosen. Alhamdulillah! 

I call this "Enter With Peace". It's a memorable moment of my first trip abroad as a student visiting Mexico City. I created this for the entrance to my home inspired by Mexican motifs, colors, and the architect Luis Barragan’s work called Satellite Towers. The towers sit at the entrance to Mexico city, acting as a gateway to the city, just like this art piece is a gateway to my home.

The Arabic text reads Salaam and mimics the linear tall towers and angles found in the sculptural Satellite Towers. The artwork is handcrafted in wood, with laser cut details.

The rug above was purchased during my visit to Mexico. I pulled the color scheme from the rug, using navy blue, red and natural wood finish. 

 This is the famous Satellite Towers By Luis Barragan. With 5 varying heights that sails tall over at the entrance to the city.

And here is the gallery shot! If you're local to Austin, Texas, do pop into the Round Rock Art Gallery to see all the local artwork along with my piece. 

I'm so happy to share my adventures with you. This truly is an achievement and win for us all by introducing Islamic art in public spaces. Creating art with a purpose, by capturing memories, is a beautiful way of creating meaningful art. Do you have a special memory, perhaps a feeling, a thought, a person or a place that you want to capture? If so, leave a comment below or email me back with your memorable moments!


Fawzia xox

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Amina Ortiz:

Masha’Allah, Masha’Allah. You’re absolutely right YOU’RE WIN is a Win for our Ummah. What a beautiful piece for a beautiful memory. My mother was Mexican and I have beautiful memories as a child visiting my grandfather in his little hut with a dirt floor. He was a shoe maker, Leather engraver for gun holsters, and saddles. We still have etchings he drew to show customers what he could do for them. Alhamdulillah for memories!

Jzk for sharing your great success…..Love You Mija! Masha’Allah

May 28, 2021

Antionette Fahie:


May 28, 2021

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