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Lets talk about those awkward spaces, you know, those arched niches, dead spaces and empty corners in your home. Ever wondered what to do with them and how to make them look beautiful? Well read on, I've got some good looking solution and tips. 

 Dead Space Stair Case 


I've have a lonely space by the stairs that becomes a catch all for keys, wallets and facemasks. It's quite unsightly. Not to mention the wall isn't tall enough to place art on. The solution, a large vinyl back drop of moon and stars, with twinkling string lights. And to hide away those bits and bobs, place a tray behind a Ramadan wooden masjid. A festive solution to daily problems. 

TIP- With a wall like this, consider using geometric decals, go bold with color and pattern.

That Strange Niche

We all have one, a small arched niche for small moments of display. But what function does it serve? In this case it's a hidden Sadkah/Zakkat box in the design of the Holy Kabbah. Slide off the top and drop in some money. 

TIP- You don't have to use the Kabbah as a money box, write down 30 Duas to read daily during Ramadan, or reward your children for fasting with  treats inside. 

Carve Out A Sanctuary For Prayer

With the whole family at home for the past year, the house can get quite noisy. Consider creating a prayer, reading, and reflection corner. Pull up a chair, a lamp, some pillows, a space by the window, a potted plant and your favorite Dua books, your prayer beads and Holy Quran. You'll create a space that even the cat will want to hang out in!

TIP- Surround your prayer space with items that have meaning and bring joy to your heart. I used a dresser in my bed room, stacked with curated items to use during Ramadan. 

Lets Not Forget Our Children

We had so much fun making the Lego Ramadan sign. Installing the vinyl tree on the wall with the names of the Prophets. It was an afternoon of family bonding. The Mini Mosque is also the perfect size for the Lego characters who like to pray Salah in the Masjid. How fun!

TIP- The Mini Mosque can also be used to store small gifts, and treats you'll see in the video below. 

So now you know how to avoid those unsightly spaces. Hiding a tray behind some art along with functioning purpose in your niche are simple design solves. I'll also look forward to seeing your created sanctuary and tag #simplyimpressions across social media. Did you have any tips? If so, I'll love to hear about them when you leave a comment below.

In next week's blog post, I'll dive in to Iftar table displays! Don't miss it.


Fawzia xox

PS: Did you spot Mr. Mochi, the cat?

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