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This week I'll take you through my Living room and Kitchen with valuable design tips and inspiration. I've got several ideas for you to get your home Ramadan ready. 

Fire Up Your Mantel

For the last year or so, I've been obsessed with art deco. I created an Art deco themed Ramadan pennant banner. I used black cardstock for the base with gold embellishments, and of course no banner is complete with out the help vinyl decals with the words 'Ramadan Mubarak'

TIP- If you get stuck on how to make a pennant banner, check out this link- How To Make Eid / Ramadan Pennant Banners. It's a great family craft, with step by step instruction on how to make a one of a kind banner that perfectly ties into your home décor. 

Eid/ Ramadan Pennant Banners

What's Your Focal Point?

Most living rooms will have a focal point such as a fireplaces, armoire or in my case a gallery wall with a buffet table. The table makes for an ever changing scene that tells a story. This one, as you can see, tells a story 'We are celebrating Ramadan'. Here I used Ramadan Mosque Decoration and to center it all, a Ramadan Mubarak Cutout.

TIP-  If you have a buffet table, or something similar try creating your own vignettes, don't be afraid to switch the scene out for different occasions and seasons. Doing this will give your living room a renewed fresh look . 

  Don't Forget Your Coffee Table!

Let's not forget to style the coffee table too! The geometric cubes can be used all year round, not just for Ramadan. Pop in a battery operated candle and you've got beautiful ambient lighting with geometric shadows dancing around.

TIP-  Objects grouped together have a greater presences. Rather than placing a single cube, consider using a collection of 3 or 5. 

 Count Down Ramadan With A Lunar Calendar

Help's at hand with the interactive calendar. This Calendar is ideal to hang in your kitchen and where you hang out the most with your family. Each disk has a moon phase that corresponds to the day you're fasting and when you're done, simply flip over the disk to reveal a star.

TIP- Make this truly customizable with your home décor by color coordinating the vinyl on the moon phases and stars to match your homes color scheme.  

Its Functional too! Iftar,  Suhur Timer & Ramadan Duas

Even your kitchen could do with some Ramadan love, but hang on, this is also  beneficial! A lantern with the Dua upon fasting, and Dua upon breaking fast. This hangs at the entrance to my kitchen, with easy to read Arabic text, translation and transliteration, so everyone in the house can benefit.

Ramadan Tracker

Lets not forget the interactive lantern with essential times for Suhur and Iftar. Simply use a dry erase marker and write down the times, then erase and rewrite for the next day. And when Eid rolls round, simply flip over the lantern to reveal Eid Mubarak! 

TIP- If you haven't guessed already, I love using odd numbers. With these lanterns you can arrange them in any order to your pleasing. Simply pop them on your wall with tape, or a push pin, and enjoy the days of Ramadan. 

Next week I'll move into the those awkward spaces along with helpful tips to creating that much needed private reading nook for the whole family to enjoy.

Hopefully, you'll find inspiration from the various designs in today's blog post. I would love to see how you'll decorate your home this Ramadan. Share your creations across social media with #simplyimpressions and leave a comment bellow. 

Jazzah Khallah

Fawzia xox

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