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Can you believe it? Ramadan is right around the corner. I spent last weekend putting up decorations around the house. It looks so festive, and the excitement of Ramadan is building in my home.

I started decorating when my now two teenagers were babies. My mission was to create a festive home like those found in Muslim countries, paired with my unique flair. Check out some of the pictures below. Hopefully, it's an inspiration for you to make your home festive this Ramadan.

Front Door Décor

Here is my front door, I used a store bought wreath and paired it with a Ramadan Mubarak wreath finished in metallic silver. 

TIP- Change out the center décor for different occasions. When Ramadan is over, simply pop the Ramadan Mubarak wreath and  replace it with Eid Mubarak. Here I used the cake topper as the display.


Hall Way Décor 


These DIY craft packs make an interesting display on my hallway console table. It makes for a great group activity, creating memories with family and friends. 

TIP-  When styling a collection of objects/ chachkies, keep varying heights with similar colors. Always keep to an odd number of objects, such as 3 and 5.  

Check out this video on how to make the wooden Ramadan plaque.

Now lets move on to the the dining area!

This years color theme, if you haven't guessed already, is gold and silver. I used  some geometric ornaments that come in packs of 3,  moon and stars ornaments that come in a pack of 5, and for some variation, I used the moon & mosque that come in a pack of 3. All these ornaments come with clear acrylic string for you to hang around your home. 

TIP- Want to change out the color scheme? Simply spray paint over the existing décor for a fresh new look. 


My dining room is a relatively empty space with a dining table and chairs. This was a perfect back drop to go large in display. Here I used a Large Geometric Moon & Star to center the display along with a home made garland as a back drop to the Teardrop Ramadan Mubarak Ornaments. Lastly, utilizing the chair rail, I placed a large graphic text with Ramadan & Eid Mubarak to ground and balance the whole design.

TIP- If you have limited décor items, rather than creating small vignettes of decoration, consider bunching the majority of your décor to one main area. This will give the illusion a well decorated space. 

Hopefully, you'll find inspiration from the various designs in today's blog post. Next week, I'll show you around the living room with some handy tips.

I would love to see how you've decorated your home this Ramadan. Share your creations across social media with #simplyimpressions and leave a comment below. 

Your support of small businesses like mine is what keeps me going. All the products you see at Simply Impressions are proudly made in the USA. I appreciate your patronage and thank you for telling your friends and family about my work.


Fawzia xox




Dear Fawzia,

As Salaam O Alaikum. I recently received your newsletter and was extremely happy to see the work you did for your local mosque. It was excellent. How fulfilling it must have been for you.

Myself and my sisters, we’ve all ordered from you and your craftsmanship is superb. Keep up the good work.

I pray for the continued success of your business. Inshallah.

Lots of prayers.

Mar 20, 2021

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