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Salaam Guys. 

This past year I've been blessed to work with with my local Masjid, ICBC (Islamic Center of Brushy Creek), in Cedar Park, Texas. I was commissioned to create artwork with the 99 names of Allah to wrap around the newly built mosque, along with the Ayat Kursi within the dome. Designing a space that pulls in the colors and patterns from the carpet, walls and light fixtures and architectural details. 

I'm so thrilled to share some creation of my journey with you. 

99 Names of Allah


This is the center panel that reads Allah, and sits opposite the Mihrab. Each of the blessed 99 names of Allah were individually laser cut, along with the base, borders, and Arabic text. All of it was then painted, varnished, glued together.

Each wall had different measurements resulting in different sides panels, the end results was a seamless run of artwork across the each wall.  

Ayat Kursi

The artwork for the dome consists of the  Ayat Kursi, picking up on the color scheme of blue and gold, for a cohesive look with the same border pattern used in the 99 names wooden panels. The artwork was customized to fit perfectly within the dome, with a perimeter of 49 feet. Now that's at lot of vinyl!

Here are a few images from installation to completion of the artwork in the dome.

Overall Image

It's truly a blessing and honor creating artwork for my local masjid. Being part of the design vision to completion, creating a tranquil and uplifting space for prayer, contemplation, and reflection space for my community. 

Your referrals are one of the best compliments a small business owner like myself can receive. If you enjoyed reading about this, please take a moment and share it with your family and friends, local community schools, and masajid. I'm available to work with you on your community projects. No space is too big or too small! Simply leave a comment with your question or thoughts, or email us at


Fawzia Khawaja.


Amina Ortiz:

I have always been in Amazement if the Blessed Gift Allah (swt) has given you to share with us! Jazaka’Allah for sharing! Masha’Allah

Mar 19, 2021

ahammad anwar:

wishing good day

masha allah
jazakalla hair

ahammad anwar
ponparea global tradin g

Mar 15, 2021

Nadia Hasan:

Mashala this is stunning! May Allah reward you.

Mar 14, 2021

Debra Nichols:

Absolutely amazing and beautiful..

Mar 12, 2021

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