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At Simply Impressions we have curated quite a collection of Mosque / Masjid design that can be used all year round for home decor and of course as a center piece for Ramadan & Eid. Each design is meticulously thought out and designed for your home, and for the joy of family. We use sustainable Baltic Birch wood, that can be painted, stained or left as beautiful natural wood.

Here's an inspirational video (Click on the image below)

Imagine the delight of your children when you create a scene, a city of Mosques, with palm trees, the Holy Kaaba, the mountains with people, sheep and camels. Our interactive scene provide a creative display that children and adults will adore, fostering lasting love of our religion, and love of Allah (SWA).

Here we created a scene of the Holy Kaaba and its surrounding. A great way to teach our Deen through play. Create actions of Umrah and Hajj, using toys to preform Tawaf around the Kaaba, and preform Sa’i along the mountain.

The Kaaba is also a trinket box. Slide the lid to reveal the hidden storage. Store your prayer beads or if you refer use it as a Zakkat /Sadqa collection box all year round.

We have some free standing Mosques in two styles that come with either Ramadan Mubarak or Eid Mubarak. Place this on your mantel or table top, and for added drama place a light source behind and watch the mosque come to life.

Your children will adore our Mini Mosque. This comes with many accessories. Included are decals that read Allah and Muhammad, a geometric carpet, a Mirab, people, sheeps, camels, palm tress and water fountain. The whole Mosque is stored away in a personalized keep sake wooden box that is personalized for you. When your children aren't playing with the mini mosque, you can use it as a center piece with a wrapped gifts inside.

We hope you are inspired to create your very own scene!

Happy decorating! 


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