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As a child growing up in the UK (this was the 80s) celebrating Ramadan was quite a low key event compared to the celebration of Christmas. I've always had an appreciation for the beautiful decorations around Christmas time and I wanted to create the same excitement for my children when Ramadan and Eid comes around.

For Ramadan, my children and I would make and hang paper lanterns, create wreaths, and add store bought letters spelling out Ramadan. The day after Christmas was fun as we would pick up decorations on sale. That's when I had an Ah-ha moment and created Ramadan Treat boxes, where each box represents one day of fasting. When it was time to break fast, my children would rush to open a box to reveal a small treat for a rewarding day of fasting (or half day in some cases).

We also created Play-Doh where we rolled out the Play-doh and used a star-shaped cookie cutter to cut the decorations. We still have them after all these years.

Fast forward to today, both my children are close to being teenagers now, Alhamdulillah. Decorating the home is an exciting family event for us now. I have built quite a collection over the years at Simply Impressions and I am quite excited to share our current display with you.

Since gold is the trending color for home decor this year, I have incorporated this trend in our Ramadan decor! I must admit, as a child I grew up with a lot of gold accents, gold picture frames, gold vases, etc., and I vouched never to repeat this decor style. Here I am with a collection painted in gold. Oh, how little did I know? :-)

To offset the gold and anchor the design, I created a Large Ramadan, Eid and Mubarak wooden cutout that is stained in walnut. This coordinates back to the design elements in the room.

To soften the hard edges, I made a fringe with similar color of gold, copper, silver, and gray. I also added 10 inch strips of wool tied to a longer string that spans across the wall. You can use any fabric or wool of any color that works with your room or style of decor. I recommend you incorporate colors from your rug, cushion, curtains, etc. since this is an accent color and it's easy to change it out for a fresh new look every year.

I then placed the Teardrop Ramadan, Eid, and Mubarak hanging ornament, and some Moons & Stars that are all in gold and silver. If you prefer, you can purchase the wooden ornaments unfinished to personalize the color scheme and match your home. All our wooden products can be repainted for fresh new look every year.

The wreaths are finished in a metallic gold and ready to hang, or place this in the center of a ready made wreath bought from your local art store. Display on your front door or in your home. 

The Lunar Calendar helps your family count down the days of Ramadan with an accurate depiction of the the moon phases. On one side you have stars and flip over you have the moon phases with the corresponding day of fasting. This comes fully assembled.  Simply pick your vinyl color of choice. When it arrives, just hang it for display.

For added drama, I placed candles within the Geometeric Decorative Cube. Watch the pattern dance as it projects on your walls from the flickering of the candle light. Very festive!

I hope this has inspired you to create your own memorable experience with decorating for Ramadan and Eid. We would love to see how your decorations turned out.  join the conversation bellow!

Happy decorating!





Love love love! I just placed an order for the large letters, can’t wait to receive them.

Apr 06, 2019


MashAllah, I love your set up, I will definitely try out the fringe banner and place the moon and stars. Thank you!

Apr 06, 2019

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