Ramadan Lunar Cycle Calendar
Ramadan Lunar Cycle Calendar Ramadan Lunar Cycle Calendar Ramadan Lunar Cycle Calendar Ramadan Lunar Cycle Calendar

Our wood cut out Ramadan Lunar Cycle Calendar, depicts the moon phases, helping you to track your fast during the month of Ramadan. Each disk has the number that correspond to the day of your fast along with the phase of the moon. Flip the disk around and you have a star to indicate the day that you are fasting.  

This set comes with-

  • Custom color decals one color for the Moon and number, and another color for the stars and Ramadan text. Ramadan measures 2"x8". Stars measure 2" diameter, Moon and numbers measure up to 2.5" in diameter. 
  • A wooden plaque 1/4" thick x 10"x4".
  • 30 wooden disk 1/8" thick diameter 3".
  • Acrylic string to connect the disk and plaque together.
  • Fully assembled measures 10" wide by 36" long. 

All you have to do is string the disk together with ribbon, or use the acrylic string provided. Hang and enjoy year after year!

Please leave a note when you check out with the desired color for the decals.  Color chart in the pull down menu.

Color Chart – For Decals Only

Please keep in mind that color on screen can vary due to variations in screen brands and resolution.


Colors We Carry In Stock
  Copper (metallic)
  Dark Grey
  Dark Red
  Gentian Blue
  Geyser Blue
  Gold (metallic)
Light Yellow
  Silver Grey (metallic)
  Yellow Green
  Soft Pink
  Outdoor White (glossy)
  Dark Grey (glossy)

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