Geometric Style #3
Geometric Style #3 Geometric Style #3 Geometric Style #3 Geometric Style #3

Islamic inspired vinyl decal in geometric designs, can be displayed in many ways. Use them as privacy tiles for your windows, place them on cards, and canvases and for a professional look at fraction of the price place them on the glass of a picture frame with you favorite craft paper behind.

RIBBA Ikea Frame work wonder for this design and come in different frames finishes. There have three sizes to choose from that work with with Ikea's RIBBA frames.

Medium decal measures 18.5"x18.5" (Ideal with Ikeas RIBBA Frame collection -Frame width and height 20½" , the decal can be place directly on the glass or craft paper, measurement with out the mat 19 ¾"x19 ¾" )

Small Decal measures 11"x11"  (Ideal with Ikeas RIBBA Frame collection- Frame width and height 20½", the decal can be placed on the glass/ craft paper with the mat opening 11½"x11½")

Extra Small Decal measures 8"x8" -only available in black and white. (Ideal with Ikeas RIBBA Frame collection-Frame width and height 9¾", the decal can be placed on the glass/ craft paper, measurement  with out the mat 9"x9 ")

Large decal measures 28"x28" (Ideal for a large 30"X30" canvas)

If you would like to customize this decal for your windows please contact us at with your measurements. Please note that this decal does not come with the photo frame.

TIPS- Our decals are so versatile that you may cut them down to fit other frames sizes.

Note: We make every decal order to order, please allow a minimum of 2-5 business days for processing on ALL orders.

Color Chart – For Decals Only

Please keep in mind that color on screen can vary due to variations in screen brands and resolution.


Colors We Carry In Stock
  Copper (metallic)
  Dark Grey
  Dark Red
  Gentian Blue
  Geyser Blue
  Gold (metallic)
Light Yellow
  Silver Grey (metallic)
  Yellow Green
  Soft Pink
  Outdoor White (glossy)
  Dark Grey (glossy)