Sports Theme with Quls
Sports Theme with Quls Sports Theme with Quls Sports Theme with Quls Sports Theme with Quls Sports Theme with Quls Sports Theme with Quls

Embellish Your child's room with a playful sports theme decal. Each decal comes with one of the  Quls -- Surah An-Nas, Surah Al-Kafirun, Surah Al-Falaq, Surah Al-Iklas. The sports theme is sure to be a big 'hit' with both parents and children. Place them on your wall or windows for that added charm but most of all it will be a reminder to your child to read the Quls.

Choose from the drop down menu for the desired color and sport decal.

Soccer Ball -- Soccer ball has Surah An-Nas, wall decal measures 17x27 inches. Soccer ball diameter 14 inches

Basketball -- Basketball has Surah Al-Falaq, wall decal measures 17x27 inches. Basketball diameter 14 Inches

American Football -- American football has Surah Al-Kafirun, wall decal measures 12x27inches. Football 15.5 inches (greatest length)

Baseball and Bat -- Baseball and bat has Surah Al-Iklas, wall decal measures 12x27 inches. Bat length 27 inches ball diameter 3.5 inches

All 4 Sports Item -- For your convinces we have all four sport items available in a one solid color of your choice. Comes as a single sheet measuring 30x27 inches. Diameter of the basket ball and soccer ball are10inches. Football 11 inches. Baseball diameter 2.5 inches and length if bat 20 inches.

Note: We make every decal to order, please allow a minimum of 1-5 business days processing on ALL orders.

Color Chart – For Decals Only

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Colors We Carry In Stock
  Copper (metallic)
  Dark Grey
  Dark Red
  Gentian Blue
  Geyser Blue
  Gold (metallic)
Light Yellow
  Silver Grey (metallic)
  Yellow Green
  Soft Pink
  Outdoor White (glossy)
  Dark Grey (glossy)